Chances for an IB student?

<p>I'm not applying to colleges quite yet, but I would really like to see my chances so that I can improve them. By the time I do apply, my stats will most likely be the following:</p>

<p>Asian girl
Large IB school in Fairfax, VA
GPA: 3.97 UW; 4.22 W
Class Rank: school doesn't rank</p>

Biology Honors
Algebra II Honors
World History/Geography Gifted
English Gifted
French 2 Honors

IB Chemistry
IB Math Methods (Precalculus)
AP Government
English Honors
French 3 Honors

IB Chemistry II HL
IB Physics I
IB Math I HL (AP Calc BC)
IB History of the Americas
IB English I
IB French I
IB Theory of Knowledge</p>

IB Physics II HL
IB 20th Cent. World History
IB English II
IB French II
IB Business Management
AP Statistics</p>

<p>PSAT: 228
SAT: 2100-2200
SAT II Biology: 720
SAT II Chemistry: 750
SAT II Physics: 750
SAT II Math IIC: 800
IB Tests: most likely 6s/7s</p>

<p>AP Government: 4
AP Chemistry: 5
AP Calc BC: 5
AP Statistics: 5 (won't show)</p>

<p>Model UN (Treasurer)
Key Club (Secretary)
Junior State of America (founder of chapter/President)
Amnesty International
Young Democrats
Debate Team
National Honor Society
Violin 9 years
Fairfax County Math League
Hospital Volunteer
Will most likely do biochem research at George Mason U
National Merit Semifinalist</p>

CTY Franklin and Marshall College- Logic (9th)
CTD Northwestern University- Genetics/Biotech (10th)
Virginia Governor's School for Math, Science, and Tech (11th)</p>

University of Chicago
University of Virginia
Virginia Tech
UC Berkeley
Johns Hopkins University</p>

Stanford University
Yale University
Princeton University
Columbia University

<p>Last questions:
1) Many have told me that most colleges favor AP over IB courses. Is this true?
2) Am I too "well-rounded?" I mean, I do a lot of different things but I'm not incredibly amazing in any specific area.</p>

<p>Thanks, kids.</p>

<p>IB is usually ranked a bit higher than AP, alot of people are biased (except admissions, which is good) that AP is better,because they took AP. Your safe schools are a good list. However AP beats accelerated/Honors classes.</p>

<p>TO improve your chances, I would say do some research (and get it published) and join a multicultural group to show you are ready for the shcools diversity level. Make sure that you attend some of their informative sessions and visit the campus of your top 1 or 2 choices. If they don't invite you to apply personally, it will be a difficult process to get into them.</p>

<p>FOr those top schools you seem like the typical applicant. You are well-rounded in many areas, but lack in a few areas (like joining a sport, even if its just JV). Being Asian will also hurt you, since they usually send some of the highest Math test scores and are very competative.</p>

<p>hmm.. thanks, anthony. bump?</p>

<p>Actually the IB exam is considure to be easier than the AP exam. Also just so you know Both years of Math HL are considure AP Calc BC.</p>

<p>nope, just the first.
at my school, at least.</p>

<p>Well its up the universities and to the Universit both your years are Calc BC. So it is not relavant what your school tells you. They view the test at the end of the second year as the equivalent of Calculus BC test. So if you pass exam for the IB class it won't do you any good since no school would considure it higher than CalcBC.</p>