Chances for an international student

<p>I graduated from high school in April this year. I enrolled in a college in India but plan to apply to Williams for the class of 2010. I have to apply as a freshman since Indian colleges do not have a credit system. I have been top 1% in the class since class 5, graduated with 96% from highschool and have got various awards for academics.
Academic awards:
MCGS scholarship for academics : Class 9,12
Special prize for consistency in Academics: Class 11
Certificate of honour for academics : 9,10,11,12
Special prize for securing 90% in ICSE - Class 10
Special prize for securing 96% in ISC - Class 12
Subject prize for computer science : Class 9,11,12
Subject prize for geography : Class12
Subject prize for economics : Class12
Subject prize for psychology : Class12
Scholarship for computer science : Class 12</p>

<p>Non academic awards and achievements:
A prize for proficiency in computer related activities
School colours for quizzing and computers
Top 1% in India in a quiz organized by Indo-French embassy
School computer science society president
School Student Council member
1st, 2nd in Inter school (National level) multimedia presentation for 4 consecutive years
3rd in another national level social issue multimedia presentation
1st in various web page designing competitions (local and national level)
1st in software development in Geofest international (international level)
1st in computer science quiz ( national level)
Winner in various other quiz competitions across the nation
Community service (400+ hrs)
Started an organization for upliftment of rural women along with 7 others
Played sitar in the school orchestra for 6 years
Winner in various inter and intra school art and music competitions.
Designed a poster and website for a tea company</p>

<p>During my year off, i am taking a diploma course in law, doing community service and working on sales and advertising section of a tea company.</p>

<p>Can you please assess my chances?
P.S. I require financial aid.</p>

<p>Hmm... I think Williams doesn't accept international transfer students... But you should contact Admissions and ask again because the lack of a credit system might make you eligible to apply as a first year (I"m not sure). Btw, you should consider taking the SATI/II and TOEFL.</p>

<p>I hope that helps! :-)</p>

<p>I got 283 in TOEFL and will be taking SAT 1 and SAT 11 in October and November respectively. I will also be applying as a freshman. What do you think of my chances in RD??</p>

<p>Without your SAT scores its pretty hard to say, but if those competitions that you've listed are as tough as they sound, you should be fine.</p>