Chances for an International?

<p>GPA: 3.55 uw
Rank: N/a
SAT: 2160/2400 1470/1600
ACt:33 (will retake in fall)
SAT IIs: U.S. History 800 Math 700
APs: World History, Psychology, Government, Calculus, Literature and a couple of honors classes
ECs: Volunteer Instructor at the Local Senior Centre. Advisory Council at the Library. Went to state in chess. Went to nationals in FBLA. A couple of scholarships in piano. National History Day. Varsity Track. Founding member of Model UN club. Knowledge bowl. Tutor, Music theory teacher. Tennis. Captain of Science Olympiad in 9th grade ( my new school's science olympiad is held at a seperate school, so I could not participate.)</p>

<p>Volunteer hours:200</p>

<p>Rochester is my first choice, however I heard that one shouldn't early decision when financial aid is needed. So I'm on the fence about that. I'm also a canadian citizen going to school in the U.S., which still puts me as an international student. Although I was told that canadian citizens are considered need-blind during the process. So my questions are, how generous is Rochester with financial/merit aid-I've heard horror stories of loans comprising 75% of packages before? And Should I apply early decision or not? Thank you!</p>

<p>UR is need blind during admissions and does offer FA to Canadian citizens, but NO student who needs substantial financial aid to attend college should apply early decision anywhere.</p>

<p>Hmm thank you the response, if I shouldn't early decision, is there a way for me to indicate that Rochester is my first choice and that I would have ED if I could? Or does that not matter?</p>

<p>Show lots of interest. Interview--whether on campus or with a traveling admissions rep or with an alumni. (You can request an interview on the admissions page.) Write a kick-ass essay on what you like about UR in your supplemental application.</p>