chances for an intl kid :) please :)

<p>am currently a junior at an intenational school in southeast asia. it sends about 2 kids each year to the ivies. I am australian female.</p>

<p>chance at stanford, princeton, duke, harvard</p>

<p>Rank: 1/120 for whole highschool career (since freshman year)</p>

-Eng 9 - A+
-World studies 1 - A
-ib honours physics (only 9th grader in the whole physics program - skipped two levels of science) - A-
-math 2 (integrated) - A+
-french 3 (skipped a level) - A
(band and pe as well...kinda pointless to include)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.95 uw/4.1w</p>

-eng 10 accelerated - A+
-world studies 2 - A
-ib hl physics (only 10th grader to ever enter hl class by rec from teacher) - B+
-math 3+ (acc.) - A+
-french 4 - A
(again band and pe as well...pointless to include)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.1 uw/4.2w</p>

<p>junior (so far - 1st semester)
-ib honours english - A+
-ib history sl - A-
-ib honours math analysis - A
-ib sl french - A
-ib honours biology - A+
-ib honours chem -A</p>

<p>GPA: 4.05uw/4.5w</p>

<p>Senior classes
(4 hl/2 sl)
-ib hl chem
-ib hl bio
-ib hl french
-ib hl math
-ib sl english</p>

Stu Co:
freshman class secretary
sophomore class president
junior class vice president
have played clarinet for 7 years
have played piano for 9 years (abrsm theory grade 6)
4 year member
silver at competition
Community service: 150 + hours
Habitat for humanity 4 year member - vice president junior year
SPCA 4 years - twice a week
hospital (volunteering at cancer ward) - 4 year member, every saturday go for two hours
Other clubs:
International club - 4 year member
national honor society - one of 5 sophomores selected (very prestigious to be selected as soph at our school) will run for pres next year.
peer helpers (since middle school) - secretary junior year
co-founder and editor of the school newspaper</p>

have coached little league soccer since 9th grade
have worked at summer camp with 2nd graders since 9th grade
founder and organiser of little league volleyball, and have worked at since last year</p>

JV volleyball two years/varsity volleyball this year & probably next year
captain second year of jv volleyball</p>

<p>teachers rec will def be good, i am very close with all my teachers
essay should be good.</p>

<p>what is IB honour class? ur senior schedule looks more like a regular IB diploma schedule.</p>

<p>yeah i'm doing full IB. an honours class is a pre-req for a Higher Level IB class.</p>


<p>someone reply please :(</p>

<p>You certainly have a good background. It will depend partly on the SAT scores, and partly on capturing their interest. Just having a lot of achievements isn't enough for those schools. (Well, sometimes it is, but often it isn't.) You need to look like a really interesting and valuable person to add to their freshman class.</p>