Chances for architecture?

<p>I just discovered this thread the other day, and I love it! However, I haven't heard anyone mention the architecture school, which is what I'm interested in, so I thought I'd get your opinions on my chances of admission (I'm a junior and considering ED)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (unweighted) probably around 4.2 weighted
Class rank: 1/25 (I go to a really tiny, really crappy public school in IA)
Tests: 2120 SAT (760 M, 680 V, 690 W) I'm retaking these in June, I'm pretty sure I should be able to raise my writing score to at least the 740 range, I got a perfect on that on the PSAT, so I'm hoping for somewhere around a 2250, but who knows?
33 ACT-my best composite (freshman year-go figure) (my best individual are something like 34 S, 35 E, 36 R, and 32 M, but those were spread out over three tests)
PSAT: 220 or 221 I can't remember</p>

<p>Course schedule: I'm taking the only two AP's that my school offers right now (Calculus AB and US History) and I will be taking 3 more over the Internet next year. Also, I'll be taking some advanced math courses from Stanford's correspondence school, as well as three more classes from the CC in my area. My school doesn't have honors courses but I definitely am taking the most rigorous schedule possible.</p>

Volleyball (4 years, 3 years Varsity)
NHS: 2 yrs
FFA: (Future Farmers of America...geeky I know) 4 years, small leadership role, also some regional team and individual awards
Group Speech: 4 years
Drama: 3 years
Quiz Bowl: 2 years (varsity)
Student Council: 2 years
Junior Class President
Spanish Club: 3 years, secretary
Track: 1 year varsity
Dance Team: 2 years
-Helped to design school's web page
-Organized school blood drive for NHS
-Organized/chaired several school events </p>

<p>Other activities:
4-H: 9 years, did mostly volunteer work and horse showing
Club Volleyball: 4 years
-Also, the activity that I have devoted the most of my time to is horse showing and training. I've been involved for over 10 years, about 10 hours/week, and have trained two prospects and retrained one racehorse for rodeo events. We've competed successfully, but no national awards...not sure how to show this in my application
Held job for about a year now, 10 hours/week (retail)
Volunteered through 4-H and NHS and I am planning a large scale mural for my school, which will be a volunteer venture</p>

<p>Other stuff:
-Attended a seminar in the Arabic language and culture at the University of Iowa on scholarship
-Though I haven't really mentioned it-I am very involved in art, but it's more of a personal thing so I haven't won a lot of awards in and whatnot, besides regional stuff.<br>
-This summer, I'll be attending either the 6wk Cornell program in architecture (in which I would be taking classes for credit) or a Telluride seminar in urbanization. I've been accepted to the one at Cornell and am awaiting notification from Telluride.</p>

<p>I think my art portfolio should be above average (though maybe not the best one they will see), I should get very good recs and essays should be pretty good.</p>

<p>So, I'm sorry this turned in to a novel, but if anyone has any input, I'd love to hear it! Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>YOu like a very strong candidate for Cornell's AAP. Good Luck!
Word of advice- Maths, Physics, English...throw it all out the window. Your portfolio will be the deciding factor. If you cant draw, then learn how to, if you can, then start drawing the right stuff.
I was accepted RD to the AAP for architecture, although ive turned it down (no aid) for Rice.
Go Owls!</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, I'd heard that they put a lot of weight on the portfolio, but that confirms it. So I've done quite a bit of drawing, but what would be considered "the right stuff?" Probably some buildings? Also, would you include mostly drawings or a mix of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc...?

<p>Yeah the portfolio is basically it naturally you need to to have good academics, but yeah, it all comes down to how well you can draw if you meet the academic qualifications, which you most certainly do. Interesting ECs too. you had best write some good essays and apply ED to assure your acceptance.</p>