Chances for Asian American Male

<p>Junior this year, graduating in 2011
SAT: 800 math, 660 verbal, 690 writing (1460/2150) plan to retake in June.
Subject Tests: Taking in October (kind of procrastinated)
GPA: Unweighted: about 3.8 Weighted: Will be a 4.05ish once my grades for this year go in.
Took 4 AP's this year (Comp Sci, Language, Calculus AB, and Environmental Science) Taking 5 more next year. No academic/basic classes, all other classes besides AP since 9th grade have been honors or advanced. </p>

-Football Team (9th and 10th grade) made varsity in 10th, but had a bad shoulder injury, so I did not play the next year
-Track and Field (11th grade)ran both winter and spring track
-Cross Country (12th grade) planning to run XC next year
-played on a travel team for baseball in 9th grade, quit just before 10th
-Have been working at supermarket (Genuardis) for about a year now, have well over 300 hours
-Worked at Kumon in 10th grade over the summer tutoring kids, around 40-50 hours total
-Volunteered at local library over summer: 10 hours total
-Currently volunteer at local hospital doing patient transport: around 30 hours so far, but they will go up over the summer.
-Have volunteered at some small events here and there for various organizations. (Food Pantry, Pearl Buck Center, etc.)
-Founder and Co-president(I dont know how we have 2 presidents) of our school's Young Libertarians Club
-Student Council
-Spanish Honors Society
-Spanish Club
-Physics Club
Also, I have some random "awards", and I'm not sure if I put these on my application or not. I'm just not sure if these are even signigicant enough to be worth mentioning. For example:
-Hustle Award at local basketball camp
-1 on 1 champion at local basketball camp
-made honorary All-Star team twice in consecutive years for Keystone invitational basketball camp</p>

<p>I am an asian american male from a pretty wealthy family in PA, so that probably hurts my chances slightly. I'm planning to major in biomedical engineering or computer science. What do you guys think my chances are for schools like...</p>

<p>REACH SCHOOLS: Cornell, UPenn, Carnegie Melon, Rice, MIT,(just kidding)
Competative Schools: Georgia Tech, Illinois @ UC, Northwestern (might be a reach), U of Wisconsin Madison, RPI (really wanna go to RPI)
Safety Schools: Pitt, Virginia Tech, Purdue</p>

<p>Let me know =]. And if anyone has any first hand experience applying to these schools or knows friends who have gotten accepted, let me know too. Chance me, and I'll chance you back! Oh, and feel free to be as critical as you want. I can take the abuse haha.</p>

<p>Rice, Cornell, and CMU seem like high matches - low reaches. The others seem like low reach - mid reach. The rest you should get in. One of my good friends got into Penn with a 3.7 UW and a 2210 on SATs with very little EC/other bells or whistles, so it's really up to fate. Good luck!</p>

<p>PS: I did like RPI too :)</p>

<p>And if you deem something worthwhile, put it on the application. If you really aren't sure, it's probably best to leave it off. When in doubt, talk with your school's guidance counselor. </p>

<p>Chance back?</p>

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<p>thanks! i'm about to chance you back now.
btw, do you guys think I should list my musical experience too? I actually have a lot of experience with a lot of instruments (piano 5 years, violin 2 years, guitar 4 years, drums 1 year) I just feel like putting "piano-5 years" on my app is too generic to be a benefit. I mean, anyone can claim they're an piano expert, and unfortunately, I've never made any elite jazz band or orchestra. I did play guitar in 9th grade for the choir in one of thier shows, but that's about it.</p>

<p>If you played in a school orchestra, benefit, concerts, anything like that, put it on.</p>

<p>And regardless, I'd put it on as well. Colleges want to know what you have been using your spare time for. Indicating you can play a lot of instruments is part of that. If youre decent at a few of them, some colleges will let you/recommend you send in a CD/Mp3 of you playing.</p>

<p>I pretty much agree with synny except I think they are more of low reaches due to considerably low weighted GPA (whats your unweighted). SAT's are solid and excellent EC's. However, unfortunately, the asian status will hurt to be asian! haha (also an asian)</p>

<p>Chance back? :)
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<p>damn, my post says unweighted 3.8, but it looks like I'm saying weighted: 3.8. My unweighted is a 3.8, my weighted is a 4.05. And I will chance you back asap.</p>

<p>Ohhhhh. In that case, then you have excellent chances. which puts it back at a high match/low reach.</p>

<p>college admissions are a complete crapshoot so its really hard to judge you for a lot of these schools because you should be at least competitive for most. id say penn cornell northwestern are reaches- on the other hand you should probably have a good shot at carnegie mellon</p>

<p>Yeah, to be honest, if RPI throws me money, I will take them over most of my reach schools.</p>

<p>RPI will (should?) most likely throw money at you.</p>

<p>well, someone told me that NY private schools usually do not give out much money for either financial aid or in the form of merit scholarships. I know that NYU doesnt give out much money at all.</p>

<p>My friend with a 3.0 UW and 1890 on his SAT got into RPI with a decent aid package and very little hook (He's okay at swimming, but he told them he isn't intending to do it in college).</p>


<p>wow, that's a shocker. I'm sure he's a special case though. I know students who have gotten denied with much higher grades, so I guess there really is a large random factor involved. I know I won't be getting financial aid; my dad makes way too much, and I attend a HS in one of the nicest areas in eastrn PA.</p>

<p>When someone says "Rich snobby MA family," that's me. Yet I'm still praying for some financial aid :|</p>

<p>And yeah. He raised the standard accepted to RPI from my school by a considerable #. I have no idea how he got in, or how he got $$, but he did...Or they sent him the wrong letter.</p>

<p>Looks solid.
SAT a bit low for MIT, so work harder :)!</p>

<p>haha I was kidding about MIT. I've seen a bunch of my super smart asian friends with perfect GPA's and 2400's get denied from MIT. I mean, they all went to UPENN, Harvard, or Princeton, but MIT is just ridiculously hard to get into</p>