Chances for BC- Regular Decision (After Mid-Year Grades).

<p>So my first semester just ended, and as a result my GPA is either a 4.193W or a 4.15W. I was just wondering how this will affect my chanced based on the fact that my GPA had a downward trend.</p>

<p>I'm in the top 20%
3.846W- Downward trend (3.75w junior year because of Pre-AP Spanish), yet upward with senior year grades.</p>

<p>Current Schedule:
AP U.S Gov/ Comparative Gov- A- (Missed A by 1 pt.)
AP Statistics- B+ (I know this is bad, I just suck at stat haha)
AP Environmental Science- A
H. Physics- A
H. Calc- A (Missed A+ by 1 pt.)
H. English 4- A-</p>

<p>From freshman to junior year I have taken 11 Honors Classes and 1 AP class. I scored a 5 on the AP Bio exam.</p>

<p>ACT: 31 Composite
31 Reading
30 English
30 Math
33 Science
28 Writing Combined</p>

<p>Subject Tests (These aren't that good):
Bio E and M 690
Math 1 640
Spanish 660</p>

<p>I have played Varsity Golf for two years and Freshman Baseball. I have more EC's but they're not too important.</p>

<p>Overall, what are my chances of getting in based on my new grades? In other words, do these grades help my chances at all?</p>

<p>Thanks for any opinions.</p>