Chances For Berkeley please comment

<p>I am wondering what my chances are for Berkeley from a local California community college as a philosophy major. </p>

<p>I am applying with a 3.923 gpa, however i do have 3 W's and 1 W in a non transferable class. i got the other 3 W's because of scheduling issues because I had a cancelled class (due to low enrollment) and my schedule got messed up. Counselors and admissions representatives say it doesn't matter, but im not completely sure about it. I do plan to address the issue in my personal essay.</p>

<p>I have quite a few ec’s but there nothing special. I have volunteer work from tutoring and church services from the past 4 years. I’ve participated in 3 internships in businesses around the area. For athletics I have done some martial arts and boxing. I am also a member for 3 school clubs. I am also a member of TAP (transfer alliance program) and went through the mentoring programs for Berkeley.</p>