chances for berkeley?

<p>My GPA right now is 3.65 and I'm applying for environmental economics and policy at berkeley.</p>

<p>Pretty strong ECs
However i can't find it on the statfinder website. I am a california resident from a cc</p>

<p>Does anyone know the admission rate stats for that?</p>

<p>what are my chances? help!</p>

<p>does anyone know the admission rate stats for berkeley's environmental economics and policy? people told me to go find it on statsfinder. however i can't find it </p>


<p>where are you applying from? a CCC , UC, or state? and are you in CA?</p>

<p>I believe that the acceptance rate is ~50%, you're gpa is good, but Berkeley really is a crap shoot... A guy I know got in with a 2.8 gpa, while many others with near 4.0's don't get in, they really like unique people...</p>

<p>sorry if I didn't make that clear I am from a ccc</p>

<p>pewwwp: where did you find the stats of the 50 percent? I've been trying to look for it but can't find it</p>

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<p>page 5, looks like its 40%, not 50</p>

<p>However, due note that this year the UCs are cutting down admissions, I do not know by how much and for which students (freshmen, transfers, or both).</p>

<p>are they going to cut down on the transfer admits too? i know CSU's are already cutting down on their admissions</p>

<p>No they are actually not cutting transfers. I'd post the OC register article on this but I am lazy. However I can assure you transfer student admits will be minimally effected by the admission cuts. </p>

<p>Anways.. I was admitted to berkeley as a tranfer and finished last spring in the impacted Mass Communications major. EC is not impacted and the gpa requirement (based on having friends in that major) does not seem as stringent than pure economics, mass com or the worst, business admin. 3.65 is strong. Apply FOR SURE I think you have a decent chance. It will really be up to your personal statement. That is what got me in. If you have any community service, minority status, or economic hardship issues play that up because Berkeley loves that. However what pewwwp said about "berkeley likes really unique people" I would not agree with. I am caucasian with decent gpa however nothing particularly standout with the exception of college newspaper experience. That newspaper experience got me in though. I would not consider that "really unique".</p>

how EXACTLy did you sell your newspaper experience? wrote your prompt 1 about it? prompt 2? or did you just mention it in your ec's</p>

<p>It has been awhile (2006) but I focused on my newspaper experiences/accomplishments in high school and college in one prompt (not sure if it was 1 or 2). The other prompt was more about my struggles in high school (low grades, apathy, low self-esteem) and how my journalism instructor motivated me to write etc. So each prompt complimented each other. One demonstrate how far I came and the other showed how far I excelled once I transformed into a proactive student on the newspaper. I mentioned awards, recognitions etc on my EC's as well but it was the focus of my personal statement as well.</p>

<p>So this newspaper (Santa Ana College el Don) won two national pacemaker awards, and was the only community college in history to double gold crown at the Columbia CSPA awards in New York. So that was a great selling point for accomplishments section and the prompt explaining my struggles I merely demonstrated that I had a 2.8 gpa in high school and then 3.86 in community college. But I made sure to include a strong human element and even some humor in the statement. I also mentioned mentors and influential people. I think somewhere in the prompt about "why Berkeley is my choice" I mentioned The Daily Cal Newspaper as an interest of mine. This showed continued proactiveness and why Berkeley should take a student like me. It says that my progress will continue and I seek to be involved on campus. Everything was related, past, present and future aspirations at Cal and it was this continuity and selling point that truly got me in.</p>

<p>wow. no wonder you got in. it's phenomenal. haha sorry for using that word but it seems like you've had alot to back you up</p>

<p>do you think you can email me your ps? I know it's been a while, but I would love to get a feel of how Berkeley students present themselves. is that okay?</p>

<p>My friend got into Cal last year with your major but he got rejected by UCLA because he was missing a pre-req.</p>

<p>abruinwannabe: what was his gpa??</p>

<p>Sorry Truucharm but I did not save my PS. I usually save all my written work with the exception of that (somewhat disappointed that I didn't save it since I am currently in the middle of law school personal statements). Otherwise I would be glad to send you my ps. Sorry again. However if you would like me to look at a copy of your ps and give you tips and pointers I would be willing to do that.</p>