chances for binghamton (harpur)

<p>Its my top choice and i'm applying early action! I really hope I can get in, but here it is:</p>

<p>96.5 GPA - 19/88 at private highschool
550 CR (wow), 650 Math, 610 Writing - 1200/1600 and 1810/2400
Pending OCT SAT and OCT ACT
AP Scholar with Honor- 4 Bio, 4 US, 4 Eng Lag, 3 World, 2 Chem (WOW)
Tough senior schedule - AP calc, AP physics, AP english, AP mirco/macro
National Honor Society, and a ton of extra circulars
100+ community service
a bunch of summer jobs
good recs/essay
father went there
local student from BINGHAMTON NY</p>

<p>i really want to go here so any help would be awesome!</p>

<p>Great GPA, low SATs… Hope for some improvement on the October tests. </p>

<p>You have a shot but the SATs need to be higher.</p>