chances for biomedical engineering program at jhu

<p>School type: public
race/gender: Indian( the one from, female
prospective major: biology
current unweighted gpa: 4.0
class rank: 1/430</p>

<p>SAT- total:2270 breakdown: math: 740 CR- 730 writing: 800
SAT II's took bio-700. took USH, but haven't gotten a score yet. will hopefully be decent</p>

9th grade
Gt English ( highest possible except for ap)
Gt math
AP biology- 5
Gt American gov
french III

<p>10th grade:
Gt English
AP chemistry- 4
Ap statistic's 4
GT precalc
french IV
Gt world history</p>

<p>11th grade
AP english
Ap economics
AP french
AP Calc a/b</p>

<p>12th grade</p>

<p>AP calc b/c
Ap Lit
Ap Psych
AP physics C
AP euro

<p>Extracurriculars -</p>

<p>-will have done a summer internship at NIH in the lab of cardiovascular science for two summers. summer of 2008/2009. i'm close with my mentor and she's impressed with my work so i hope to get a rec from her.
-3 years varsity tennis in high school.
-key club( 9-12) have done a lot of volunteering for it french club(9-12), nhs(9-12), literary magazine(10-12) It's academic( 11-12) math Nhs( 11-12) french nhs(9-12) science nhs- 12th grade. peer tutoring- 9-12.
Started south Asian society (SAS)-president/ founder- basically we watch asian movies. play asian games, asian's really ethnic but anyone can join and feel comfortable
-volunteer at the greater Baltimore temple and help set up other activities. except...i don't know where you'd actually put this on a college app?
violin since 3rd grade
- do Indian dance rigorously. will get my dance degree end of senior year. typically takes about 8 years. I've been doing dance since 6th grade
- black belt in taekwando</p>

9th grade. 1st place county and regional tournament
10th grade. 2nd place in county and regional tournament
11th grade: 1st place in county and regional tournament, 4th place at states
- awards for maintaining a 4.0 gpa during varsity sports seasons/ earned varsity letter every year</p>

-discovery channel young scientist semifinalist 2006- for excellent communication skills
- 2006 baltimore science fair- 1st place and another award for best project in medicine.
2009 Baltimore science fair- award from u.s corps for excellence and one from another company
2008- NIH poster day/ science fair- 1st place.</p>


<p>future business leaders of America- 1st place at school and regionals, 2nd at states- topic was introduction to business communications
- 11th place in state for french national exam
- 1st place in high school poetry competition Baltimore county
- AP scholar
- published a memoir/ short story in Maryland voices which gets submissions from all of Maryland.</p>

<p>i may have missed a few things here and there though. if i think of anything i'll post it i guess.</p>

<p>I'm think i should be able to get good recs. one from my mentor at nih. possibly my dance teacher. my high school teachers like me too.good essays( we did sample essays in English and my teacher thought it would be excellent if i made a few corrections. ) i'm thinking about writing about dance, tennis, or research because those are the things i really love doing.</p>

<p>as someone has said, i have no leadership, but will it hurt me that much? it's just not my thing so i do other stuff...</p>

<p>you have no chance</p>

<p>^Wow he/she took no effort</p>

<p>I think you have a chance.</p>

<p>But just make sure you apply to some community colleges as safeties just in case (read that with sarcasm)</p>

<p>Hmm.... you're quite intense. </p>

<p>What's the difference between AP English and AP Lit? Unless you took AP English: Language junior year?</p>

<p>Why do you want to do BME btw?</p>

<p>i want to do BME cause i think it's a better major than bio which was my other plan. I'll actually be doing some math and it'll be mentally stimulating. I also want to go to med i thought it would be a nice major. any opinions?</p>

<li>also. senior year cause i have scheduling conflicts i can't take physics c. will this greatly adversely affect my chances?</li>

<p>No, taking one class or not will not affect your chances as long as your still have a rigorous schedule.</p>

<p>well i'm going to be taking.
AP psych, gt accounting, ap euro, ap calc, ap english, ap human geography, gym ..and its mandatory that i take gym</p>

<p>is that rigorous enough?</p>

<p>the gym is going to hurt, i dont think you can get in with that in your schedule</p>

<p>What matters more is how well you do in those classes. And if gym is mandatory why in the world would you think it would hurt you? It may be a much needed break in the midst of all of your other courses.</p>

<p>hm. i see what you mean bengiebean. thanks:)</p>

<p>i think you should consider another major other than BME because BME is Engineering/Physics related. It doesn't sound like you're interested in Engineering. </p>

<p>Perhaps neuroscience, biophysics are a better fit??</p>

<p>hmmm. the thing is, i am definitely more interested in science...but i also want to do something that involves more mathematics...and i feel a bio or neuroscience major really wouldn't give me that opportunity.</p>

<p>You don't really seem to have any ECs or awards that are engineering/math might be better to apply for more science based things. No matter what your major you will always be taking other (math included) courses so you will get your fill in that way.</p>

<p>Umm you don't need to have any awards that are engineering/math related. The science major that I really know uses math a lot is physics. Chemistry uses some but not like physics. Biology doesn't use much math nor does neuroscience.</p>

<p>hmm..well my resume sort of really screams biology...but i am very interested in biomedical is that going to be a big negative when bme admissions officers look at my app?</p>