Chances for Boston University Pretty Please?

<p>Hello! So BU is my dream school. It’s a reach for me based on my SAT and ACT scores, but I think I’m a match in most other areas. I’m trying to make myself believe that most schools don’t weigh standardized tests as highly anymore but it is the one thing holding me back right now! It would be awesome to get a better idea of my chances any opinions are welcome! Thanks :)</p>

<p>-I go to a very competitive public high school in Pennsylvania, I am applying to major in Health Science, I am a white female.</p>

<p>SAT:1710 CR:590 M:490 W:630
ACT + Writing: Composite:22 Eng/Writing:24 Writing Subscore:9 </p>

<p>GPA: 3.8/4.0 (weighted)</p>

<p>Course Load: 5 APs, will have 4 years of Spanish, every class is honors if not AP, a math class (are not offered in honors), or an elective</p>

<p>EC’s: </p>

<p>-3 Years of High School Soccer (Captain)
-Club Soccer
-National Honor Society (Community Outreach Leader)
-LiveStrong Society (Startup Committee Leader)
-Student Council (Service Leader)
-Smoothie Shop Barista; will have worked there for 3 years
-40 hours of service at the Catholic Relief Service</p>

<p>*Great Recommendations
*Great Essays
-Overcome Adversity (sister is mentally handicapped, brother is a cancer survivor, the three of us are triplets)</p>

<p>Thank you!!! Any comment is helpful! :)</p>

<p>Your GPA, ecs, and other things are very good. It's the test scores that are holding you back. I know BU puts more weight into course load and correlation with grades. They still look at test scores, but not as much. That being said, it still looks like a reach, but if you can improve the tests, things could change. Also if you don't mind CGS you have a chance for that.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your input! Standardized tests have always given me a problem. I know someone who was accepted to BU about 3 years ago with a 1690 on her SAT and a 3.7?</p>

<p>Aside from the test scores, it looks like you have a pretty good chance. Is there any way you can take them again? However, BU does pride itself on looking at applications holistically.</p>

<p>Thank you!! Unfortunately, there really is no time for me to retake my tests and have enough time to study for them efficiently. I guess I'll just have to hope that my GPA and other things outweigh my tests. I like to think GPA in correlation with the rigor of my schedule is a better indicator of academic achievement than one day of testing. However, I do understand that tests are an easier way of comparing students.</p>