Chances for brown

Honors Biology: B/B
Spanish I (Honors not available): B/B
Honors US History: A/A
Honors English I: A/A
Algebra I: B/B </p>

Honors Chemistry: B/A
Spanish II (Honors not available): A/A
Honors World History: A/A
Honors American Lit: A/A
Geometry: B/A</p>

Honors Physics: A/A
Honors Spanish IV: A/A
A.P. European History: A/A
Honors British Lit: A/A
Honors Alg. II: A/A</p>

A.P. Biology: A/A
A.P. Spanish Language: A/A
A.P. English Lit: A/A
Honors Pre-Calculus/A.P. Calculus AB (self-study)
A.P. Art History: A/A
A.P. US History (self study)</p>

<p>Took 8 out of the 8 APs that my school offers. All 5s except for Calculus and Bio (4s).</p>

<p>SAT: >2100
SAT II: Spanish - 800, USH - 750, Lit - 800
GPA: UW - 3.8ish; W: around 4.6</p>


  • Astronomy Club (President)
  • Science Olympiads (Captain)
  • National Honor Society
  • Spanish National Honor Society (President)
  • Key Club
  • CMAquarium (Junior Educator and Diver)
  • Photography
  • National Geographic Student Expeditions; working on a book on Greenland and Alaska
  • Writer’s Club (Founder & President)
  • Many ECs that have to do with Journalism
  • Polar Research/Arctic Biology Research
  • Linguistics: Danish (Greenlandic), French, Latin, and Spanish
  • TB History Museum Junior Volunteer
  • Winner of essay competitions and historical essays
  • ASPCA Volunteer
  • Candy Striper
  • Reading tutor </p>

<p>AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

<p>I want to be a Polar Research Scientist/Arctic Marine Biologist/Author for National Geographic.</p>

<p>Thanks. :)</p>

<p>I think you have a really, really great shot. Applying ED?</p>

<p>Yes! :) Thank you :)</p>

<p>Good luck. You'll beat me out of my spot and you'll deserve it! Best of luck and I'll have my fingers crossed for you. You should def post in the results thread when decisions come out.</p>

<p>I think I would have made Miami my first choice...but good luck! (I didn't know Brown had a marine bio dept-but they are on the coast!)</p>

<p>cwinche - WOW, I just looked at your stats..they're awesome! I can tell that you're a lot like me! NatGeo internship? Awesome!!!!!!! Philosophy club? World Traveler!? You definitely have a great shot at Brown. Thank you :) I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too!! :)</p>