Chances for Brown

<p>Male from California
Competitive Private School
Top 4% of class
3.98 GPA (out of 4 we don’t go any higher)
Rigorous course load-8 honors classes, 6 APs
CR 660 M 720 W 770
SAT II’s Math IIC 780 Chem 770 Physics 700
ACT 32
biggest one is Speech/Debate–CA state champion in public forum debate, debate captain, Top 35 at NFL nationals in debate, NFL Academic All-American</p>

<p>Religious Lector for four years</p>

<p>Philosphy Club Member</p>

<p>Crew for one year</p>

<p>Community Service, yo</p>

NFL academic all american, NFL degree of outstanding distinction, AP scholar, etc</p>

<p>O, i also have a sister that attends brown, and my dad was an undergrad and a med grad there</p>

<p>What's the NFL? (I'm presuming you are not referring to the National Football League). </p>

<p>You look strong, but nothing is REALLY standing out to me. You suffer from "i rock but so does everyone else" syndrome. Your scores are good, your GPA is good, Your EC's are pretty good. But so is everyone else's...write some killer essays and et some killer recs and you'll have a chance. Though your legacy will certainly help. </p>

<p>But this is just everyone on this forum will tell you, no one here can really tell you what kind of chance you have.</p>