Chances for Bryn Mawr ED1/2?

Hi, I know that there are tons of these being posted, but I’m very curious.
Demographics: White female from an upper middle class family in WA state
School info: Medium sized public school that’s not very competitive.
GPA: 3.87, my school does not do weighted GPA but for fun I calculated it and got a 4.5
Class rank: 87/376, which looks bad but for some reason they don’t weight grades at all for rankings, meaning that we have close to a dozen students ranked #1, some of which who had very light courseloads. My GPA is explained by my first 3 semesters of HS where I wasn’t as committed, but every since the second semester of sophomore year I’ve had a 4.0 (and my course difficulty has only increased since).
Course rigor: By the time I graduate, I’ll have taken 11 APs (if you count Microeconomics and Macroeconomics together).
Test scores: 35 ACT, 5 in AP Psych, 5 in APUSH, 5 in AP Lang, and 4 in AP Calc AB. I did not take any SAT II tests.

-President of the Debate Club and active member for 2 years. Under my leadership, the club membership has doubled and the turnout to tournaments has increased greatly.
-Political journalist and editor for the school newspaper, which is still in its beginning stages. We’ve yet to be published but we are trying our hardest to get the admin to approve our website.
-President/founder of the Ping Pong Politics club, which is exactly what it sounds like (ping pong…and politics).
-Principal violist in our school orchestra for 4 years. Occasionally, I play in the pit for the school musical.
-Part-time hostess at a restaurant as a summer job.
-This probably counts as more of a super curricular, but I’ve begun extensive reading into the subjects of politics, philosophy, and economics to prepare my UK school applications.
-I run almost every day and occasionally run 5ks, but I am not on the school team.
-I used to volunteer at an exotic bird sanctuary.
-I volunteered at an organization in my neighborhood that helps teen mothers with nowhere else to go.
-I’m currently volunteering at a women’s reproductive health clinic, where I help patients after their procedure.

Awards: (this is looking a little bit sad)
-That one AP Scholar with Distinction thing.
-A few awards from local tournaments, nothing special though.
-A speaker award from one of my local tournaments as well.
-Basically nothing else, and this kind of concerns me haha

My LORs will be written by my french teacher, my calc teacher, and my APUSH teacher.
My interview went alright…my interviewer was a sweetheart but I’m afraid that I came off as a little bit boring.

I would like to double major in either political science and economics or political science and history! I’ve applied for Oxford PPE (Philosophy, politics, and economics) but I don’t foresee myself getting accepted to the program due to the fact that I don’t have a 5 in Calc, something that they seem to care a lot about concerning their Economics programs. As my second choice is of course a women’s college, Bryn Mawr completely stole my heart and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. As my Oxford entrance exam didn’t go too hot, I’m assuming that I’m not going to be considered for an interview and thus want to either apply ED1 or ED2 to maximize my chances (as if I go to an American school, I want it to be Bryn Mawr!). I’m hoping to get my application done by the ED1 deadline.
All feedback is appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you so much!!

I would imagine you have a great chance ED. Good luck. I like the sound of Ping Pong Politics and I suspect that will catch the eye of AOs.

Thank you! I appreciate it. Does the interview matter as much? I don’t think it went badly, but it probably wasn’t the best.

My daughter had an interview and couldn’t really tell if it went well or not - that happened at few colleges. She was admitted but ultimately went elsewhere.
Financial aid wasn’t as good as at some other schools but I have read recently that there have been some changes to how they calculate it. I liked Bryn Mawr and the girls who guided our tour. Three very different girls but all very engaging.

Last years ED stats 337 applied 177 admitted.

That’s comforting to hear. I’m glad that everything worked out for your daughter and that you liked Bryn Mawr’s environment! I appreciate your help.