Chances for Bryn Mawr?

Hi, I love Bryn Mawr but it’s my reach school so any advice or insight on my chances would be great! I’m applying as a comparative literature major with an art history minor.

GPA: 4.3 weighted, 3.7 unweighted
Rank: 42/300
ACT: 26 (I’m planning on applying test-optional though)

I’m a dual enrollment student at my local community college and I have around 35 college credits with a college GPA of 3.8. I’m a member of the honors college at the community college. It is pretty competitive and I’m the only dual enrollment student in the honors college. Through the honors college, I get to do independent research that I present at local and regional honors forums. I have done research on photochemistry and was able to teach a class on photochemistry at the arts center where I am an intern. I’m curretly doing research on theolingusitcs and how we can use language in fostering peace between world religions. I have also taken 4 AP eams: AP Environmental Science, AP Literature, AP US History, and AP European history. I got all 4s and 5s on the exams.

For extracurriculars, I own and run a photography business where I sell prints on Etsy, take photos for people in my community and manage a professional Instagram with 6k followers. I am an intern at a local art studio. I am a writer for my school’s literary magazine and write for my town’s newspaper. I’m a model UN delegate. I take voice lessons and sing acapella. I do stage crew for the major school productions. I also ran varsity cross country but broke my leg last year.

Two of my recommendations are from professors at the community college, the other is my boss at my internship. They are all pretty strong.

I have changed schools 3 times (which I talk about in my essays). My parents both have post-grad degrees and I’m mid to upper-middle class.

As I said, it’s my reach so I’d love to hear any feedback from current students or other prospective students. Thanks!

Can you apply ED? You sound very competitive and a you’re wise to apply t/o. Lots of rich experiences to write essays. I would think very good chance with ED and still a definite shot RD too.