Chances for BS/MD for HS sophomore w c+

Hi current sophomore here

i go to a t5 public high school in the nation and have pretty decent extracurriculars

weighted gpa: 4.15
UW: 3.8
SAT: haven’t taken yet but get around 1550~1590 when i practice
ACT: 34

shadowing hours: 1 because of covid :((

ive wanted to become a doctor for a long time because it best aligns with me, which is why i’ve wanted to apply to a bs/md program

unfortunately, i went through a rough patch in freshman year of high school due to some personal reasons and got a c+ in one of my classes, i also had one b. ive recovered a lot and have straight a’s in much more difficult classes this year but i want to know if ive lost all chances at a bs/md program

do i still have a chance at a bs/md program?

thanks in advance :))

Short answer Yes.
Keep that in mind BS/MD only matriculates 5% of total Drs, other 95% comes through traditional route. At time of application, you can explain your reasons about grade somewhere, especially there is an optional item of nature where you want to provide any additional information.
As a high schooler, focus on grades and ECs that you have an access to during this unprecedented time.


You are a sophomore, way too early to obsess getting into a BS/MD program. Just continue to do well then come back next year.


@PPofEngrDr @CottonTales thank you for your response :))

You still have 2 years to lift your GPA, and it already looks like youre on your way there! I also have a hs sophomore myself.

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Thank you! Best of luck to your student as well :))