Chances for Cal Poly Slo(Undergrad Business) with 3.5 GPA and a 33 ACT?

Hello all! I am a soon-to-be Senior at a competitive public high school in California. I am just wondering if anyone can provide any insight oh whether i have a good chance to be accepted into Cal Poly Slo for a business major? My GPA is 3.5 weighted and my ACT score is a 33(35 reading, 35 English, 32 science, 28 math).

don’t know about CAL POLY but I know that for those scores you have a good chance of acceptance at NYU POLY. much less selective.

You have an excellent ACT score but GPA bit on the low side. I suggest you apply ED if SLO is your #1 choice which would give you better odds at an acceptance. I think as an RD applicant, it could go either way. Did you calculate your SLO GPA? since they use 9-11th grades instead of the regular CSU GPA (10-11th grades). SLO also uses an MCA point score to determine admission which is unique to the campus. There is a thread on the SLO subforum which explains how the MCA points are calculated. PM me if you want more details or PM @eyemgh whom posted the original information.

I can’t remember the final results of the discussion, but the way Poly uses ACT scores was batted around a bit. I believe they only use math and English subscores. That would drop your ACT to 31.5 which would hurt a bit.