Chances for Cal

<p>Okay, here are my numerical stats</p>

<li>Roughly a 4.0 weighted by UC standards</li>
<li>1430 SAT; 690 in the Verbal, 740 on the Math</li>
<li>SAT II Math IIC - 800; SAT II Bio-E - 800; SAT II Writing - 740</li>
<li>By the end of my senior year, I'll have 6 AP's under my belt: French 4, French 5, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP US Government, and AP Physics. I'll also have 2 honors courses: Chemistry-H and Physics-H</li>
<li>So far I've only taken two AP Exams. I got a 5 on the Calculus AB and a 3 on the French 4.</li>

<p>And here are the non-numerical stats</p>

<li>I was awarded the department award for AP French 4. </li>
<li>I was, and, in a sense, still am part of an organization known as the Digital Clubhouse Network. Simply put, I made short documentaries about the lives of WWII vets. These documentaries were then sent to the Library of Congress to be archived. I also helped teach 4th grade kids about the risks of tobacco for a few weeks.</li>
<li>I was part of the tech crew for the musical last year.</li>
<li>I am in California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society, and Foreign Language Honors Society.</li>

<p>That's all I can remember for now. But I have a few questions.</p>

<p>1.) What are my chances for admission into Cal Berkeley? And please don't sugarcoat it. </p>

<p>2.) Right now, I'm involved in some new activites. I'm part of the Spirit Commission, and an active member, I might add. I'm also part of the Film Club and will probably be heading up the production of a few movies for the school athletic program (ie montage of the Volleyball team's performance). I am also going to see if I can get a job teching the fall drama. I am also going to try for a position on the board of the Foreign Language Honors Society. Would these new activities have any bearing on my chances?</p>

<p>3.) I have an anxiety disorder. Can that have any bearing on my chances?</p>

<p>4.) If you were an admissions officer at Cal, would you let me in?</p>

<p>You have a good chance for UC berk. Concentrate on your essays and pitch your film (seems like your strongest outside interest). About #3, why in the world would you advertize you have anxiety disorder? You seem pretty well-balanced to me.</p>

<p>on paper, you seem like a great candidate for UCB. I know many people, both students and teachers, at Cal and everyone Ive talked to has agreed how wishywashy the admissions are. I know plenty of people with GPAs 4.0 + coming from top ten ranked high schools, with loads of extra currics, honors and merits awarded, and plenty of APs who have not been admitted. However, I also know one girl witha 3.9 GPA from a decent highschool, 500-550 on SAT IIs, 1210 on SAT I, and moderate extra currics who was admitted. Strange? yes, VERY! I do think that you have a good chance at Cal. You need to stand out. They look through piles and piles of 4.0, 1600 applicants. you've got to stand out through your essays. As my college counselor has told me, be direct and to the point in UC essays, they dont have time for a poetic soliloquy on how good you are. </p>

<p>good luck with everything! Go Bears!</p>

<p>You see, the thing is, everytime I see these kids with, like, 4.4's, 10 AP's, 7 Honors, who are AP scholars, who are captains of debate teams and/or ASB members, I just get so disheartened. Without bs-ing, do you honestly think I have a chance against them?</p>

<p>I think you definitely have a chance but it is far from a sure thing. Your extracurriculars are very weak and one has to wonder, what all have you been doing in high school. Did you have a job of any sort, do any more community service???</p>

<p>I think you are deserving of getting into UCB, it is obvious that you worked very hard in h/s to get the grades and test scores you have. I say, if you dont get have a good chance if you appeal (anxiety disorder*). as far as i know, most appeals are accepted although UC's are a less likely than privates to accept them. I do know people who've gotten into UCB by appeal though. be positive, think positive. good luck</p>

<p>I think it's safe to say that that's where the anxiety disorder comes into play. I was just...scared. That's why I'm thinking of writing about it. I think it can help explain my ack of extracurriculars.</p>

<p>Looking at these stats, what would you say my chances are at UCLA?</p>

<p>By the way I just read a post by someone who went to a Catholic High School and was reminded of something. I had to take religion classes, which probably brought down the GPA. I could have taken some more advanced classes in their place. Do you think admissions officers would take that into account?</p>

<p>Come on, just give me a little more feedback</p>