Chances for Caltech - junior

<p>Asian, female, CA resident.</p>

<p>Academic GPA: UW 4.0
W 4.25
UC GPA: 4.44</p>

<p>PSAT 227 - expecting semifinalist status
SAT 2390 (CR 800, M 800, W 790 <- SO CLOSE)
SATII: Match2C 800, Bio M 800</p>

<p>3 honors, 3 AP's (APUSH, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C) - my school has very few honors and AP classes
Expecting 5's in all APs.</p>

<p>Senior year:
AP Bio
AP English
AP French 5
AP Stats
AP Gov/Econ</p>

Math club (10-11)
Science Bowl (11)
CSF (10-11)
FNHS (11)
Summer peer tutorial program (10)
100+ hours of community service</p>

<p>Chance me for Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Stanford for biology please. :)</p>

<p>UCB match</p>

<p>stanford/caltech crapshoot for everyone.</p>