Chances for Carroll Business + CommonApp Supp Q?

<p>Hey guys thanks for reading</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian American
State: Maryland
Gender: Male</p>

<p>UW: 3.3 (upward trend from 2.2 1st semester freshman year)
W: 4.04
Generally all Honors/AP/IB
MYP Program graduate
IB Diploma Candidate</p>

<p>AP’s Taken
Economics Macro/Micro, Literature, US History, AB Calculus, all 4’s except for Micro which was a 3.</p>

<p>PSAT: 2100
SATI: 2140 M:800 CR: 670 W:670 E: 10 (2nd time taking, 3rd results not back, but score probably won’t go up)
SATII: US History 710, Math II:800</p>

General honor societies, AP scholar w/ Distinction, Commendation NMSQT, nothing special. </p>

<p>Current Course schedule
IB English - B
IB Physics 2 - A
IB History - A
IB Sociology - A
AP Psychology - A
AP Statistics - B (oops)</p>

Key Club 12
NCHS 11,12
Dragon Boat 11 (took Gold/Bronze)
Internship at Georgetown 11
Wrestling JV 11
400+ CS Hours
submission wrestling (passion), 10,11,12 - 6 Golds 2 Silver
Computer technician, built computers on side as a job 10,11,12
Church YG Audio/Video Team Leader 9,10,11</p>

<p>Essay: ok/good (about how I changed from a 2.2 kid to now through military school, discipline, etc.)
Side note, I noticed that there are no essays for boston college, is it just me? So I only need the common app essay…?</p>

<p>Thanks for reading</p>

<p>yeah there is no supplemental essay</p>

<p>Bump, sent out application. My essay, in my opinion and some of my friends, was pretty good.</p>