Chances for Cas?

<p>What are my chances at cas ED? </p>

large competitive public , around 1300 kids in graduating class
top 12%
2020 sat(740 math,640 reading, 640 writing)
ACT= 30
SAT II(US History=710, Math I=750)
IB Program
HL's: English, History, Math
SL's: Spanish, Physics, Computer Science
Senior Year Courses: Statistics Ap, IB Calc, World Area Studies IB, English 4 IB, Spanish 5 IB, Theory of Knoweledge IB
EC's= Conert band(Alto Sax 1st chair),JSA(Secretary), bowling team, FBLA(10-11), Spanish Club, NHS, math club, worked in an accounting firm over summer
over 200 hours of volunteer hours
from Texas
and im indian</p>


what is it?</p>

<p>probably a good chance though since u have a 30 act
and are in top 12 % of ur school, and it's obviously a pretty good school if it has IB classes</p>