chances for chem PhD acceptance

<p>What would one guess my chances would be at a top chemistry school (Harvard, Stanford) with a 3.8 GPA, 1420 GRE (800 Q, 620 V, 5.0 A) at a good (but not amazing) state school, double major in chem and math, 3 years research experience (one publication so far, another coming in spring, though that's too late to help me), taking Chem GRE in a few weeks, and one main extracircular activity (4 years of a varsity sport with a few accolades in the sport), and several awards (chemistry research and math)? Any chances at getting some money if I get in?</p>

<p>Aaaaah, you make me feel inadequate. My gut reaction says you're probably fine.</p>

<p>Assuming its been scheduled for publication, that article in the spring does help you - just cite it as "forthcoming".</p>

<p>Don't those programs offer funding to everyone who gets in?</p>

<p>Your publications and awards make you a very, very strong candidate.</p>

<p>In general, grad programs don't care about ECs.</p>

<p>Your research record, awards, and publication(s) are your strongest points when applying, so emphasize those throughout your application. Grades, GRE scores, and ECs are secondary, so just list them but don't spend effort emphasizing them.</p>

<p>Top-ranked programs will usually provide full funding for students, but don't forget to apply for external fellowships as well!</p>

<p>You can talk about second paper in your SOP. Profs can comment on it as well in their LORs. If your publication is in a high respected journal, you stand a good chance.</p>