Chances for Chemistry Prospective

<p>Applying to
WashUSTL (visited - regional rep. was impressed with me),
Duke (visited, applying ED - chemistry prof. was impressed with me - said he would write note to admissions),
Emory (visiting next month),
U. Richmond (visited),
Vanderbilt (visited),
Miami U (OH),
Virginia Tech, UVA</p>

<p>White (Jewish) male from Memorial Senior High (Houston, TX) </p>

<p>VERY competitive school (19 valedictorians, must have a 6.1w out of 7 to be in top quarter).
Named one of the top 200 public High's in the U.S. (i think in the top 10 in texas)</p>

<p>Have taken most rigorous course load (all Honors/AP's)
GPA:3.5uw/6.0w (~30% in class) <--my weakness--will explain that parent's divorce was hard for me fish/soph year.
SAT: 740M 660V (1400)
ACT: 33
SATII: math2C: 710 Chem: 770 </p>

<p>AP U.S. Hist (4); AP Chemistry (5); AP English Lang. and Comp (4) </p>

<p>Senior year courses:

Marching band 10-12 (Tuba section leader, loading crew captain 12th, lettered)
Concert Band 9-12
Jazz Band 11
Football 9
HS community service organization (60 hours) 11-12
Feed homeless every sunday independently(probably a total of 300 hours) 11-12
Tri-M music honors society (12)
NHS (12)
Drug Knot- (teach freshman about how to stay away from drugs) 12
Bike - ride 3 hours/week in prep. for MS150 ( 180 mi. bike ride from Houston to Austin) 12 </p>

Received a scholarship to performe high-level DNA research at U. Texas during Summer of '04. (Should be a very strong point of my app, as my report could be published) </p>

Redstone golf course - cart attendent (11)
Financial Advisory Group - Intern (10) </p>

<p>GREAT rec's
essay will be good if not great </p>

<p>Anyway, any advice? Chances? I'd really appreciate any comments...don't be afraid to shoot me down. Also, should i mention being jewish anywhere in my app? </p>


<p>You want an honest opinion, so I will say it.</p>

<p>I don't think you have a "GREAT" chance at WUStL; yet, other parts are very solid and your research thing is very good. Your SAT retakes, upward trend in your mark, and demonstrated competitiveness of your school will definitely send you to St. Louis, I think.</p>

<p>WashUSTL -you have a good shot i think because of your 33 ACT, which is higher than your 1400 SAT-dont send your SAT
Duke(ED) -good shot
Emory -good shot
U. Richmond -easily in
Vanderbilt -good shot
Clemson -in
Miami U (OH)-in
Virginia Tech-in
UVA-very good shot</p>

<p>WUSTL is the toss-up, you were looking great until the rank, you still have a good chance, but you're not assured</p>

<p>thanks for the replies! I'm gettin a little nervous about WUSTL - but how about shots at the other colleges? Any more info or chances would be appreciated.</p>

<p>more chances? please?</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p> last bump...if nothing else could you just give me a one-liner? From what i've been watching on this board, not being in top 10% puts me at a RIDICULOUS disadvantage - much less not being in top quarter. Am I over anaylzing?</p>