Chances for Civil Engineering?

Hello! I was just wondering if someone could estimate my chances for getting into Mcgill’s Civil Engineering program as an American Student going to a public school.

My Stats:
3.95 UW 10-12
4.49 W 10-12

7 AP Courses (Only 3 taken so far, 5 CALC AB, 4 on Spanish Lang and APUSH) (Currently taking AP PHYS C, AP LIT, AP CALC BC and AP GOV)

1540 SAT (750 RW and 790 MATH)

Within top 10% of my class

My understanding is that engineering is generally more difficult for admissions compared to most majors. I am also more familiar with domestic (Canadian) applicants, even if some of the applicants that I am familiar with were Canadians / dual citizens living in the USA. These are the primary reasons not to utter the word “safety”.

Admissions at McGill is largely stats driven. Your stats are excellent. It is definitely worth an application and I think that your chances are very good.

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Make sure you also apply to schools in the US.

Despites your excellent stats you could end up waitlisted at McGill and remain on the waitlist past the typical May 1st US College Decision Day. In that case you would need to commit somewhere else while awaiting for good news.

Your stats are great, but make sure you keep them up, as Canadian schools often make their decision later than most, and check into mid terms of the spring semester. You might want to check and see that another Science (probably Chem)isn’t required for Civil.

McGill can be pretty tough, and Engineering is never easy, but S1’s has a few friends in the ENG program, and they are surviving into their senior year.

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I second the recommendation to double check the course prerequisites. Canadian engineering programs generally require calculus (which you have) plus 2 years of both physics and chemistry.

S23 is a junior in a US high school but is planning to apply to Canadian schools as he’s a citizen and has lived in Canada. His US high school only offers one year of physics. I’ve been in touch with engineering admissions for a different Canadian university and he will absolutely need an additional year of physics. The admissions person was good enough to send me the link to an online course he could take.

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Thank you!

Thank you for you reply!
I took honors chem in sophomore year, that should satisfy their chem requirement yes?

It appears McGill only requires one year of chemistry and one year of physics for US students. McGill civil engineering course requirements As long as you meet both the course requirements and grade requirements, you should be good. McGill grade and test score requirements

I will say the McGill seems to value HS course difficulty more than some schools. S1 was admitted to Desautels(similar bar to ENG in terms of admission, albeit in different subjects) with a low’ish GPA(3.6), but apparently the HS school that he came from and the rigor(13 AP’s)were considered. I do know of applicants who were turned down with 3.9-4.0 GPA’s, but had few, or less well regarded AP courses.

If he has taken AP Physics you would think that would be enough. If he has taken AP Physics, perhaps taking just one more test would do the trick? I know McGill values the AP and non AP courses differently for credit, though all that might go out the window for ENG.

I am trying to get my HS 2022 interested in CompE to consider Canada. We are duals…the savings are very real.

what do you mean by take one more test?

I should have been more specific. Many AP Physics students do not take all of the AP tests, i.e. 1, 2, and the two C tests. Again, your stats look excellent, but it’s best to make sure that some technicality doesn’t keep you out of being admitted to Engineering. A friend of my son’s was admitted to Yale, but refused at McMaster because he was missing one course. Why not contact them?