Chances for Cockrell

<p>What are my chances for admission to Cockrell with these numbers, and which major should I select to give me the best chance for admission?</p>

<p>1/330 rank
28 ACT
AP classes</p>



<p>auto admit</p>

<p>auto admit for UT, but not the engineering school. I don’t know anything about the ACT, so I can’t comment about the score of 28. Congrats on your rank, though!</p>

<p>thanks for the input - from what i gather, 28 act math is about 680 sat math</p>

<p>What kind of engineering are you interested in? It wouldn’t do you much good to get accepted into a discipline you don’t like. For example, I was in civil (structural). I would have been miserable in mechanical! I think I would have majored in English before ME.</p>

<p>chemical and biomedical and mechanical - each seems to be of interest - kind of interested in electrical as well!</p>