Chances for College of Charleston

<p>I am a freshman at UNC, average to below-average grades first semester. In highschool had: 4.65 GPA, SAT 1280, 700 MATH, 580 VERBAL, Top 5% of class, Passed 4 AP tests. What are my chance of being accepted as a transfer to College of Charleston?</p>

<p>What branch of UNC? There's a huge difference between UNCP and UNCCH. I'd say your high school grades would give you a good shot. Great GPA, rank, SAT, and AP classes. As long as nothing TOO detrimental is going on in college, such as failures or anything I'd say you have a chance, although I'm not sure their stats on transfers. Keep pushing at UNC, because an upward trend will be necessary.</p>

<p>I go to UNC Chapel Hill</p>

<p>Well than I'd say you stand a pretty good shot. One of my friends doesn't have near the high school stats you do and everyone anticipates she'll get in. Obviously, since you're only a freshman in college, those stats matter alot. UNC CH is clearly more competitive than C of C so I don't see any reason why you wouldn't get in!</p>

<p>thanks for the assurance</p>

<p>WHY would ANYONE want to leave UNC??? What is wrong with it??</p>

<p>I want to leave UNC because of a few things: First of all, my grades aren't doing to well and if I go to Charleston my GPA will be reset. Also, I live on south campus and although there are tons of freshman on south campus, the social scene is not outstanding. The major factor is that my girlfriend is a cheerleader at College of Charleston and when I went to visit her over fall break I fell in love with the campus and the city. I don't know if you have ever been to the College of Charleston campus but it is awesome. I like the urban atmosphere of Charleston as well as the smaller campus size. It feels like I am lost up here at UNC. But...I am going to give it one more semester to see how everything works out up here. Part of that will depend on if I can get my grades up. Oh yeh, I get like 16 AP credit hours if I transfer down there too, as opposed to six at UNC. Obviously the College of Charleston will be more expensive but I think every thing I will gain down there will be worth it. Overall I am very uhhappy up here at UNC. But I know alot of people who love it up here. I guess it all depends on your personality and stuff like that. Do you think it will be worth it for me to go down there?</p>

<p>I'm not a big UNC fan either. Too many people for me. C of C is a BEAUTIFUL campus, and you're so much more in a city realm than a college town one. I'm with atsumner...C of C over big public university any day:) UNC is an AWESOME school, especially for us in-staters, but it's more of a personal preference.</p>

<p>I totally agree loveduke22, that is exactly how I feel now. Although I can't agree with you too much, since I still go to UNC and your a dook lover.</p>

<p>Haha. Totally understandable. I get alot of that being a Duke/Yankee fan. Mostly crap for being a Yankee nowadays, but I can see the rage of the anti-Dukies coming at me in the next few weeks...</p>