Chances for Cornell RD Much Appreciated

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Bangladeshi
GPA: 3.83/4 school doesn't weight
Rank: School doesn't rank
Course load: All honors and APs
ACT: 33
School: High tier public school in PA
SAT2: Bio (780) will take Math 2 in Oct </p>

<p>APs taken: Bio (5 on the test) , Human Geography</p>

<p>First Semester Senior Schedule:</p>

<p>AP Spanish, Calc H, AP Chem (whole year), AP Economics</p>

<p>2nd Semester:</p>

<p>AP Physics, AP Chem, College Social Science Seminar, English H</p>

<p>will take the AP tests for Physics and Chem (maybe Spanish too...)</p>


<p>Cross Country
Winter Track
Spring Track
Relay 4 Life
Marching/Concert Bands
Astronomy Club Leader
Head of the School Store
Student Council
Debate Team
Jabbawockey Editor
Junior Statesmen of America
Math League
National Honors Society (most likely i hope....)</p>

<p>Volunteer Work Over Summers:
130 Hours at UPenn Hospital (helped with heart byopsies/saw them too dunno if it matters much)
50 Hours at local Hospital</p>