Chances for Cornell, Vandy, UNC ?

<p>Looking Hopefully to Transfer as Sophomore to Cornell ILR, UNC Chapel Hill, NYU (arts), and Vanderbilt</p>

<p>New York Resident, part Hispanic
HS GPA- 3.7 unweighted, top 10% of class
5 APs (US history -5-, world history-5-, euro -4-, english lang -3-, bio -1-)
SAT- M 650 R 640 W 640
SAT II- Math I 660, US History 760
4 yrs JROTC
4 yrs football
4yrs rugby
2yrs indoor track
2 yrs New York State Science Honor Society (Treasurer)</p>

<p>Villanova University- Freshman Year
GPA 3.7- Theology, Calc I, Calc II, Hebrew I, Latin Revolutionary History, Philosophy, British Empire History, Ancient Lit, Modern Lit, Intro to Macro, Byzantine History <em>these are all mostly core requirements</em></p>

<p>plenty of EC's in college so far, I've been a member of Villanova Rugby, Hillel (treasurer), Interfaith Counsel, Financial Management Association, Phi Beta Lambda Business Counsel and I work as a Barista at an on campus cafe.</p>