Chances for Cornell

<p>I really want to get into Cornell but my grades are really really bad, i have a 3.3.-3.4 unweighted GPA.
But my test scores are good, 1530 SAT, 10 SAT IIs with 750 or above on all of them and 13 APs with 4s or 5s on all of them.
I have never taken a regulars class in high school and i have taken 13 Ap honors courses in the past 2 years. I have 2 leadership positions and i did orchestra for 2 years and Lincoln Douglas debate for 3 years.
Is this good enough for me to get in during regular admission or should I apply early. I am also an Asian male in Texas, does that increase my chances? Furthermore, my high school is ranked first in Texas(sounds pretty lame i know) but does that help?</p>

<p>What would've possessed you to take 10 SAT II tests and 13 AP's? (other than the fact you're Asian)</p>