Chances for CS at California schools

He will be competitive but CS is so highly impacted that many very qualified students have been waitlisted or denied for CS at these schools the last few years. All 3 schools should be considered Reach schools.

For UCLA 2021, admit rate for CS was 5.4%
For UCB EECS 2021, admit rate was around 3-3.5%.
For Cal Poly SLO 2021, admit rate was projected to be around 9%.

SAT will not be taken into consideration since the UC’s and CSU’s are now permanently test blind.

I would recommend he applies widely. If a CA resident, then consider all the UC’s, several of the Cal states such as Cal Poly Pomona, San Diego State, Long Beach state as possible options. Also look at some private universities such as Stanford (high reach), Santa Clara, USC where he could garner merit aid with his exceptional SAT scores and some OOS schools like Arizona State and University of Arizona. If he is a National Merit Finalist, it opens up more schools for Merit.

This link has information regarding NMF scholarships: National Merit Scholarships - College Confidential Forums

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