Chances for CSE and the honors program

Hi all, I am looking at colleges to apply to in the fall and am curious about my chances to cse/cse honors based off of my stats

4.0 UW, school doesn’t weight.

Rank: School doesn’t rank

33 ACT (33C, 29E, 34M, 32R, 36S)

The only other notable parts of my app is that I was an ISEF finalist and did research at UMN. I’m also graduating 2 years early if that matters.

I think my ACT is a little low for CSE honors (average is 34-35) but I have heard from a couple people that it is mostly based off of math/science scores. Do any students know if this is true?

CSE Honors is tougher than the other colleges at the school. You seem like you’d have a good chance. Definitely apply as early as you can. They do rolling admissions, though they do not advertise it. My daughter applied around Sep 24 and was accepted on the 28th and was accepted to Honors at the end of Oct. She was applying to CLA though and out of state.

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Might be tough for a CSE. Since the U is now test optional, the students who submit usually have better than average scores.
S2 applied for Honors. Multiple AP’s in the Sciences/Maths with all A’s and 4 and 5’s on the AP tests. 800 on the Math SAT. He did not get in.

The good news is that the CSE LLC is filled with very bright students, and is on the East Bank, which makes it more convenient for attending 90% of the CSE courses.