Chances for Dartmouth ED

<p>What do you guys think? On track? Dartmouth is definitely first choice.
Grade: 11
State: CT
School Type: Competitive Public, best in area
Ethnicity: Hispanic/White
Rank: School Does Not Rank
SAT: 790 W/760M/660 CR <- bubbling error, am retaking in March, got 80 in CR on PSAT
SAT II: US History: 720 Math II: Waiting for score, will take Chem
GPA 5.73/6 (school does GPA weirdly, this isn't weighted)
APs: US History (5). Taking: Chem, Calc BC, Statistics, Microeconomics(maybe), Spanish, Bio, CompSci</p>

<p>Courses(S1 Grade/S2 Grade) - school doesn't offer many APs, but we have UConn courses, I've noted those.</p>

<p>9th: Honors English 9(B+/A), Honors Biology(A/A), Honors Geometry(A-/A), Honors Algebra II(A/A), Honors Spanish 2 (A/A+), Health- required (--/A+), Geography (A-/--), Pre-AP US History (--/B+)</p>

<p>10th: AP US History (A-/A+), Advanced Honors Pre-Calc(A-/A), Honors Spanish 3 (A,A), UConn Physics 127-128 (AP-level) (B+/A), Honors English 11 (B+/A), Guitar (A+, required), Microsoft Office (A+, req.)</p>

<p>11th: AP Chemistry/UConn Chem 127-128, AP Statistics/UConn Stat 110, AP Calc BC/UConn Math 131-132, Honors World Civilizations/UConn History 130, Honors Spanish 4, Honors English 11</p>

<p>12th: Differential Equations (at Uconn), Multivariable Calc (at UConn), AP Bio, AP Computer Science, Honors Spanish 5/Uconn Spanish 210-211, AP English Comp.</p>

-Varsity Crew (4 years)
-Student Congress - elected chair of community service committee
-Started a small international non-profit (<a href=",it's%5B/url%5D"&gt;,it's&lt;/a> a work in progress
-Model UN (4 yrs)
-Math Team (3 yrs, my team placed 3rd in state last year)
-Spanish Honor Society (I do tutoring)
-Mu Alpha Theta (I do tutoring)
-Ski Club (3 yrs)
-Volunteer at local hospital 4hrs/week</p>

<p>Other: Will likely apply ED</p>

<p>Assume you're National Hispanic Scholar?</p>

<p>Not sure what that is...any one else?</p>

<p>Definitely on track. With very good essays, you'll make a very competitive application, but with Dartmouth, I can't give any more chance than that. Good luck!</p>