Chances for Deerfield/St. George's

I’m planning to apply either Deerfield Academy, St. George’s School in Newport, Milton, and Andover for my junior year, and I’d really appreciate some insight. I’m a sophomore, and earlier this school year I missed almost three weeks of school because I was very sick. The absence caused my grades to slip drastically and as a result I failed two classes this semester. Normally, I am able to get pretty high grades, but naturally I’m worried about how my current grades might affect my chances of getting in. Do I have a chance of getting into either or both schools, and if so, which school would my chances of admission at be greater? And will an extremely high GPA during my second semester compensate for the classes I failed?

Also, I do a lot of extracurriculars & activities outside of school i.e. lots of charity work, equestrian competitions, Model United Nations, etc. Can those possible contribute to my chances of getting in? Also, I won’t be applying for financial aid.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Test scores are important to know. Also, if you are particularly skilled in athletics, drama, music, art, etc. then you will have a greater chance of acceptance. Overall, SGS would be the easiest to get into, and Andover would be the hardest. Don’t let this discourage you from applying–if you apply to enough reaches, it’s always possible to get in. Any extracurriculars are helpful, really.

thanks so much!

I’ve seen areas in applications where you can explain the reason for these failed classes.

So I can explain that I had a proper and rational reason for missing classes which caused me to fail some subjects? How can I include this in my application? Thank you so much

Yes there is a box on most applications where you can note any other info you think schools should know - it might be on the parent’s part.( I can’t remember) and you should probably have one of your teachers include similar info as well. They get their own box. You can also ask your school to consider giving you an incomplete for medical reasons instead of the F. This is pretty common when you miss a lot of school due to illness and it may give you a chance to retake an exam etc. so you can pass the class. Ideally, you would have worked with the school prior to your final grades being recorded but its worth a try maybe?