Chances for discouraged applicant..should I apply?

<p>So I was rejected from pitt bc of my math sat score which was a 470. I have since took the sat and act again and my math went to a 560 and my act math went up 4 points...planned an appeal to pitt</p>

<p>SAT:1790 (does psu mix act and sat scores like pitt? If so I would have 1820)- CR 610 W 620 M 560
ACT: 26
GPA: 3.5 at competitive private school in pa (43 students in grade)</p>

<p>Id be applying as english major</p>

<p>Tons of ECs, 2 jobs year round, summa magna cum laude for latin all 4 years, national latin honor society, double language all 4 years, editor/member of newspaper 4 years, member of various clubs, VP and Sec of PAJCL (we do convention every may at PSU), people to people student ambassador and went to europe with them this summer. Etc</p>

<p>Great recommendations, upward trend in grades, taken 3 AP classes, all classes at private school considered honors, unique essays that look at me as a person...</p>

<p>Ive been iffy of whether to apply or not since pitt...but I don't mind the school its a little big but also need a school I can afford lol</p>

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<p>W is 620 </p>

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<p>Penn state doesnt mix sat score and act scores. But yur gpa is on the lower end, but i think yu may have a chance. I got in with. 3.8 and 1780 sat and 26 act.</p>

<p>penn state does not superscore but uses your best single sitting score</p>

<p>unfortunately you are past the priority date for application to penn stte</p>