Chances for duke ed (pratt) ?

<p>What do you think is a good sat score for pratt? I have a 2130 (CR 600, 760 M, 770 W). Do you guys think thats acceptable?</p>

<p>It's an "acceptable" score, but personally, I wouldn't consider it "good" in the context of improving your chances.</p>

<p>At least your math score is 760 and verbal is 600 for Pratt. The other way around would be automatic rejection. Still, the 50% range of accepted students to Pratt is 690-770 for verbal and 760-800 in math. So, even your 760 is in the 25th percentile and your verbal is way below. Luckily, your writing makes up for the poor verbal a bit at 770 when the range is 710-790. Writing and verbal account for the same amount (they take the average of those two sections and add it to math to get a score out of 1600). They're not in "automatic reject" land for Pratt, but they aren't doing you any favors either so other parts of your application will have to be very strong. Good luck.</p>