Chances for Duke, Emory, Vanderbilt; stuff like that :)

<p>I normally wouldn't do this kind of thing, that is, posting my high school career so other people can judge it, but I am really a Duke hopeful and would like some opinions. So if you don't mind, chance a fella</p>

<p>White male from Mississippi
GPA: 100.85 (we don't do 4.0 scale for some reason, there is no technical maximum)
Rank: 1/300ish (really competitive once you get up to the top 15 or 20)
ACT: Com: 31 -- Eng 34, Math 33, Reading 28 , Science 28 (may retake just to get 32)</p>

<p>My school doesn't offer many APs, only 3 classes. But I have/am taking them all and self studying a couple of the tests.</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars
Student Council: member 9-12
Class VP: 9 & 10
SC Chaplain: 10
SC Reporter: 11
Student Body/Council President: 12 (lots of great things planned for this year)</p>

<p>FBLA: member 9-12 (FBLA has been a huge part of my HS career)
Local Chapter Vice President: 10&11
Local chapter president: 12
FBLA State Parliamentarian: 12 <-- kinda one of the bigger things
IFL graduate, NLC attendee, NFLC 2 time attendee, SLC 3 time attendee
2nd Place district Bus. Communications (9th)
2nd place Principles and procedures district/3rd place state (10th)
2nd place Business Calculations district/ 3rd place state (11th)</p>

<p>Newspaper: Loved it 10th and 11th, now i'm kinda dreading it. Got stuck with editorship again.
Advertising Manager/Writer: 10th
Editor in Chief: 11th and 12th</p>

<p>Taekwondo: (big part of my life)
3rd Degree Blackbelt (been involved since age 7)
Certified Instructor through ATF
Was top 5 for National Champion in my division</p>

<p>Project Wipeout Dropouts
Dropout Prevention at our school. Participate in tutoring, motivational speaking. Travel Mississippi making presentations etc.</p>

<p>And National Honor Society, but they don't really do anything at our school. Just a couple community service projects. It's just for seniors who have made all A's during high school. I assume i'll have some kind of officer position.</p>

<p>Other facts: HOBY alumni and Junior Staff, NFLC alumni, probably somewhere around 450+ hours of community service since HS began(animal shelter, prom/homecoming planning, leadership workshops for youth in town, church functions, mission trips, tutoring, etc).</p>

<p>Thanks for suffering through this guys!!</p>

<p>HOBY is pretty prestigious, I would say. Project Wipeout Dropouts got my attention from the name, but the prospect is great. Don't make yourself miserable if you hate the newspaper; it will be painful sitting there, and since you're editor, I assume you'll be sitting there a LOT. These schools like matches -- the thing is, if you want to major in science, I would bring up your ACT. BUT...looking at your ECs, you seem to like business, but a higher ACT will never hurt :)</p>

<p>Thank you.. I'm kind of looking towards a foreign/public policy major and international studies. Yeah, but what i would enjoy less than doing newspaper is seeing it waste away. I was a part of the pilot year only 2 years ago, so it's still a baby program. Thanks for your reply!</p>

<p>You'd stand a much better chance with 2-3 more points on your ACT. Not that you don't stand a good chance already</p>

<p>^Agree, especially for Duke.</p>



<p>bump again... really guys!??! Do i have to have an Ivy league in the name to attract people to chance me??</p>

<p>and throw Penn in there, honestly I have added to my application list. And considering UVa</p>

<p>Penns a reach even if you get a 32 on the ACT. Your reading and science score are killing you man, just get those comparable to eng and math and you'd be good</p>