Chances for Economics Major

<p>Public High School in NJ</p>

<p>SAT I 550/750 CR/Math
SAT II 740 Math 1</p>

<p>Class Rank: 9/302</p>

<p>Current Classes Senior Year:
AP Chemistry
AP Psychology
English Honors
AP Calculus AB
AP Economics
AP American Government</p>

<p>Scores: :-/
AP Computer Science 3 (only one in class that passed during sophomore in Computer Science 2 Honors)
AP US History 2 (everyone in my class did horribly, DBQ killed us)
AP Physics B 3 (self studied in Physics Honors, school does not offer AP class)</p>

-Physics Club/Team: 4 years, Captain/President 2 years
-Math Team: 4 years
-Amnesty Int'l: 4 years
-Cultures in Asia: 3 years, helped found sophomore year, President Senior Year
-Life/Envirothon: 4 years, 2 years Envirothon Challenge
-Computer Club: 4 years
-Chess Club/Team: 2 years, had to give up for Track
-FBLA: 2 years
-Science League: Junior Year</p>


<p>-Indoor Track and Field, Pole Vault: 3 years, started sophomore year
-Outdoor Track and Field, Pole Vault: 3 years, started sophomore year, Varsity Junior Year, Captain Senior Year</p>

-Attended Monmouth Chinese School for 11 years, every saturday morning</p>

<p>Community Service:
1)Ft. Monmouth Summer Youth Volunteer Program
-2004 Support to Software Engineering Center, Communications Software Engineering Support Division ~ 186 hours
-2005 Support to I2WD CERDEC, Learned to program in Matlab and helped with various computer programming needs ~ 123 hours
-2006 Continued work from 2005, in addition to helping, worked on own MATLAB projects issued. ~ 174+ hours
2) Teacher Assistant at Brookdale Community College ~ 34 hours
3) Eatontown Youth Committee, help and plan local town things such as Christmas Tree Lightning, Elderly aid, Clean Ups ~ did not log hours</p>

-Chinese Yo Yo Teacher Assistant at Monmouth Chinese School ~ 2 years
-Chinese Yo Yo Teacher at Marlboro Chinese School ~ 1 year
-Pole Vault Event Official helper ~ 2 years</p>

-National Honors Society ~ 2 years
-Invited to National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology
-Nominated for Governor's School of Sciences, passed to Finals, rejected :-/
-Rensselaer Medal
-Department of the Army: Certificate of Appreciation
-Community Service: Certificate of Appreciation</p>

<p>Speaking as a current student, I'd say you have a pretty good shot. And since you have the RPI medal, you'll be getting quite a bit of money.</p>

<p>You are in, especially since you have the medal - they accept 90 something percent of medalists. Are you sure you want to major in Econ at RPI though?</p>