chances for ED applicant

10th...2.83...yeah i kno..i had a really bad year at school and at home which i explained on the application...
11th...3.0...not that great..but i took ap bio ap chem ap english and ap math
12...3.8ish first semester..2 aps</p>

<p>test scores
SAT--only took it once...1560 (M800 V760)
SAT IIs--760 Writing 780 math i took bio in oct
ACT 34
National Merit Semifinalist...finalist status still pending (psat 233)</p>

2 yr varsity basketball
science olympiad
quiz bowl
out of school basketball
jv tennis and soccer</p>

<p>Volunteer/comm service
religious classes--teacher
volunteer at the hospital

<p>work experience
summer job two summers ago
ACT PSAT SAT tutor</p>

<p>my rec will be pretty good..talkin about a turnaround...from a math teacher...i have two coaches writing good im a hard worker n stuff..</p>

<p>i feel my essaays are very very strong</p>

<p>im appling ED so do u think i have any chance of getting in?

<p>I don't think they're going to see your first semester senior grades, which doesn't help you. Clearly you have a decent chance with those test scores.</p>

<p>Anyways, I'm curious, where on the application did you explain the reason for your bad sophomore year grades.</p>