chances for ED candidate?

<p>Caucasian Jewish Female from competitive public HS (class of 800+) in Northeast</p>

<p>GPA: 89.6 UW, 95.7 W</p>

<p>Rank: Not given yet, but probably top 15%</p>

<p>APs: AP US (4), AP Bio (5), AP English Writing (5)
Currently taking: AP Calc AB, AP English Lit, AP Gov and Politics, AP Art History, SUPA Forensics (kind of like an AP, gets credit (transferable?) at Syracuse University</p>

<p>SATI (taken once, will take again in October): 2160 (710M, 720W, 730V)</p>

<p>SATII (taking more in November): 680 Bio, 680 Math IC, 730 American History</p>

<p>ECs: avid equestrian for eight years (devotes 15+ hours per week to riding), working in a woman's backyard cleaning after ponies (6 hours per week), president of entrepreneurship club, VP of Jewish Culture Club, latin club, a program called Youth Court, national honors society, science honors society</p>

<p>Community Service: tutoring for science honors society, youth court (representation for youth offenders), relay for life (two years)</p>

<p>Extras: Uncle attended school and is active alum, cousin now attends. I have written letters, emails, visited, and have contacted our local rep.</p>

<p>Match-reach, considering relatives / alums - almost match. I would say your chances are really good.</p>