chances for ED, please!

<p>Anyone want to let me know what you think? My S applied ED. Here are his stats:</p>

reading 730
math 740
writing 740
Subscores all 18, except Algebra which was 17</p>

<p>SAT subject tests 770 Math II and 800 in Biology</p>

<p>AP scholar with honor 4 AP's scored 5 on all exams. Taking four more AP's this year</p>

<p>GPA 100.15
class rank 4 out of 380
National Honor Society
Yearbook editor</p>

<p>He is applying to School of Engineering.
We are anxiously awaiting the mail.</p>

<p>I am a wreck because I know how much he wants to go to Vandy. Opinions are appreciated. Also, no interview because there is no one in our area (northeast, medium sized city)</p>

<p>excellent chance!! won't be long!</p>

<p>Honestly, I am more nervous than my kid. He doesn't discuss it, he just gathers the mail every day and browses it for "the letter"</p>