Chances for ED?

<p>The senior year is made up based on what I plan to do/ know I will do
Freshmen year uw/w: 2.00 gpa, my brother had cancer so I missed ALOT of school, pretty much nothing else happened
Sophomore year: 3.75 gpa uw/w, won best biology student, best history student, best English student, played varsity tennis. Started a very well received comedy show on my schools bulletin, won a tri-county biology contest, volunteered for 30 hours at an aids food bank. The uw gpa was low because I was taking two maths to catch up with myself and I had to learn algebra and geometry in 1 semester
Junior 4.0 uw, 4.5 w: took 3 APs and an accelerated, ran varsity cross country, v track (I realized I love running like crazy), won best physics/apUS hist student, most fluent Spanish student. was the ap ush representative for leadership, became a safe school ambassador (a bully fighting program), volunteered approx 100+ hours total at the free teen clinic (a position I unfortunately had to miss my homecoming to train for).
That summer I take precalc and Spanish 3 and do a 6 week telluride program in which I studied literature at Cornell
Senior: 4.0 uw, 4.6 w: asb president (no one else is running), 60 more hours at the teen clinic. Another year of cross country and track
Since sophomore year I've been a scholar athlete, and have continued my comedy show (the school actually gave me a period for it)
2140 sat
The big issue I see is that even with these accounted for, it still comes to a hs gpa of 3.65, which I'm not sure is top 10%
I'm a scholastic honors guy with 15 tutoring hours
I was a nmsf commended PSAT taker and sent a recommendation to NU
My teacher recs are friggin insane</p>

<p>I've seen this post before... Where else have you posted it?</p>

<p>Erm... ED results were sent out 2 weeks ago.</p>