Chances for ED

<p>Please tell me what you guys think? I want to major in Biology.
SAT Math: 710
SAT Verbal: 610
GPA: 3.85
Rank 10/210</p>

<p>Involved in International Baccalaureate Program.
I have taken all 7 weighted IB classes for the past two years.
AP Psychology: 4
AP English: 2
AP US History: 3
IB Psychology: 4</p>

<p>SAT Math IC: (Will take in Nov.)
SAT Writing: " "
SAT Biology: " "</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
-Volunteer Corp at Mosque (9,10,11,12) Head of Student Body (12) Youth Group Team Leader (11,12)
-AKEB Education Board Representative (10)
Excite Coordinator (10)
-National Honor Society (12) "Only offered to Seniors"
-Key Club (11,12)
Secretary (12)
-Spanish Club (11,12)
Treasurer (11)
-Attended CyberTech2K2 @ Kennessaw State University during Summer before 10th grade
-Camp Mosaic Group Counselor (Summer before 12th)
-Academic Team (9,11,12)
-Math Team (10,11,12)
-National Spanish Honor Society (12)</p>

-Won Region for Mock Trial Journalism Contest
-National Honor Roll
-Georgia Certificate of Merit
-Summa ISTAR Award for 3 consecutive years </p>

<p>Please tell me my chances. Thanks</p>

<p>your chances are not extremely good. your SAT I and ACT are kind of low for duke, and your GPA is alright but not stellar. Outstanding SAT IIs would help, but they would need to be 750+ to make much of a difference. Nothing from your ECs really stands out very much. You have a couple leadership positions, which is good, but nothing really jumps out as making you unique. Not to say that you're not unique, I'm sure you are of course, but getting into Duke will be really tough for you. Write amazing essays and you still have a shot. Good luck</p>

<p>Yeah I was relying on my essays. Its about something that is really meaningful to me, so I may have a shot.</p>

<p>hey post your stats on the early decision roster =) just tryin to set something neat up like princeton people have</p>

<p>Dont worry i did, what do you think about my stats</p>

<p>Anyone else???</p>

<p>by essay(s) do you mean the long essay and the short answer?</p>

<p>Yeah both even though long essay is looked at more bt both need to be outstanding</p>

<p>try to make something stand out in your application.. if they like you, ull be in. your SATs arent so low that they will autoreject, thats for sure, but u need something that stands out</p>

<p>Do they ever autoreject? How about my involvment at the Mosque isnt that soemthing that stands out</p>

<p>No there is no autoreject at Duke. They will consider your application in the entire context of your classes, grades, scores, ECs, awards, etc. not simply reject you because of a low SAT or whatever. </p>

<p>Your involvement at the Mosque is good. is the "Head of Student Body" referring to the Mosque student body? If so that's also good and shows a deeper commitment to your work there of course. Whether or not it is enough to get you admitted in the context of your other stuff, we will find out in a month and a half or so. You have a good chance but it really depends on who you're up against this year.</p>