chances for ED

Rank: 15/585 (top 3%)
GPA: 4.4 (schools uses 4.6 instead of 4.0)
SAT: 2130 (800M, 630V, 700W)
SAT II's: Math IIC 800, Biology 800, Chemistry 780</p>

<p>Note: Freshman year my gpa was 3.9 ( slacked off), then sophmore and junior yeari worked really hard and got a 4.6 both years (big improvement)</p>

Junior Year: AP Bio (5), AP Chem (5)
Senior Year: AP Calc BC, AP Pyscology, Honors English, Honors Physics, Latin IV Honors, AP Stat</p>

125-150 hrs at local hospital
60 hrs at a government hospital in India
60 hrs of shadowing doctors in the hospital in India
50 hrs at fire station</p>

Varsity Tennis (11th, 12th captain)
JSA (Debate) (9th, 10th, 11th secratary, 12th vice president)
Asian Club (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th vice president) -- biggest club in school
Octagon Club (11th, 12th)
Asha Club (11th, 12th)
Phorensics (11th, 12th)
FBLA (11th, 12th)
Math League (11th, 12th)
Science League (11th, 12th)
National Honors Society (11th, 12th)
National Latin Honors Society (11th, 12th)
Latin Club (11th, 12th)
Job at Kumon Learning Center - all of 10th grade
Summer internship at Cornell
Summer at Phillips Academy
Summer at Amherst College</p>

National Latin Exam Award - 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, hopefully 12th</p>

<p>I would plan on doing BME and eventaully going to med school afterwards. Also, i hear great things about the campus, could someone tell me some of the qualities it has</p>

<p>woo, i worked at a kumon center too! :) grading +7's made my head hurt, hehe. </p>

<p>sorry i can't help ya much with chances... when i was admitted the standards were lower... but i was bme, so let me know if you have any questions.<br>
what are you interested in knowing about campus? it's beautiful, students kinda get stuck in the bubble fr/soph year, but there's tons around to do, and i love that <essentially> all the dorms are together on the 40.</essentially></p>

<p>how the BME there, i think its in the top 20 ampng schools. Are you going to med school afterwards and do you know the rate of the BME studnets over there that get accepted into med schools?</p>

<p>i really felt like i got a good education in the bme program at washu - i feel like washu prepared me really well. i'm at grad school for bme now (in a top-ranked bme program), and honestly i thought my experience at washu was as good, if not better, than the program i'm in now. i think one of the main drawbacks to a newer program (like washu) is the number of bme electives (which seemed low to me), but when compared to other schools, it actually seems about the same. the program has grown a lot in the past couple years, and a group of new faculty just joined too. when i hit grad school i had the -oh geez we never learned this stuff- thought, but it's because bme is so broad that you can't get indepth in enough areas... so everyone had that feeling about some area. </p>

<p>as far as med school, i don't know the number of people that applied, or how many got in, but from the people in my class that applied, it seems that everyone got accepted and is attending med school.</p>

<p>laurezer....just wondering........were you by any chance in the top 10 (not %) in your grade and did you have an SAT score of above 1400?</p>

<p>I was #13 in my class (of about 400), and had an SAT of 1420 (and 33 ACT)</p>

<p>(but like i said, when i was admitted the standards were slightly lower - I was close to the middle range of admitted scores)</p>