Chances for Education program??

Hi, i recently submitted my application to Duquesne for the early education major and am feeling nervous about my chances. My unweighted gpa is 3.5 and ACT score is 24. Due to health problems my gpa isn’t what i’d like it to be but oh well. Thoughts on if it’s enough?

@tennisballgirl I’m definitely no expert on Duquesne, but it is also one of my son’s top picks as well…for nursing, not education. Duq’s FAQ page under “Admissions” lists 3.0 GPA/22 ACT as requirements for admission for education majors, so it certainly looks like you have a chance. Good luck!

Thank you very much! Best of luck to your son in his college process as well

I applied for the education program i have similar grades i haven’t hard back yet