Chances for engineering or a hard science major?

Rank: Top 10 out of ~415
GPA: Unweighted: A-
SAT: 2180 (Math- 730. CR- 690. W- 760) Will retake to put it in the 2550/2300 zone.
APs: Chem, Bio, World, Stats, Calc, physics C, Gov, Espanol, English, psychology. Scores: All 4's and 5's
SAT IIs: Bio: 690, Chem and Math II(will take, both will be mid 700's)</p>

-Mock Trials
-Trumpet for a while
-National merit commended
-Other general stuff like NHS that i'm forgetting</p>

-All New England + All State + All League Track / Varsity all 4 years
I am definitely hoping to get recruited. My current times are recruitable for most ivy league schools, but it really depends on how many spots are open for my event on the team.</p>

<p>-Please give me separate chances for if I am recruited and if I'm not!</p>

<p>Obvious acceptance if you get recruited for track; if not, you should really hope you get your SAT above 2300. (Though, if you manage a 2550, I'm pretty sure they'd automatically accept you.)</p>

<p>There are no SAT numbers that would make you or anyone for that matter, an automatic. You have stats. just try to improve everything and show passion in all you do and then show that on the application</p>

<p>^^^Except if you are a recruited athlete. If they want you for track, you are IN with your academic stats.</p>