Chances for Exploratory Studies

Not sure if anyone will reply to this,
but I can’t stop obsessing about admissions decisions, because they are coming out so soon! NC State is my dream school!

-I am in-state, white, female.
-GPA weighted 4.375
-GPA unweighted 3.95
-Class rank 29/540ish (top 6%)
-6 AP classes/ 3 my senior year
-6 Levels of Latin (AP)
-Online Editor of School Newspaper (on Newspaper for 4 years)
-Leadership position (office manager) at YMCA 5 days a week
-National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Math Honor Society
-Mission trip for several years
-Legacy (my dad and several other family members attended)
-I submitted my ACT and SAT 26/1250, which is what I am most stressed out about!

Those are all my basic stats/ extracurricular! Any idea what my chances might be?