Chances For Fall 2012?!

<p>I'm currently a Freshman at Jmu
College Stats:
Psych major and pre-medicine
3.93 Gpa First Semester
Took Stats, Chem w/ Lab, Span 300, Ghist, and psych (16 credits)
I am going to take chem w/lab, ghist, communications, calc, and art history next semester (17 credits)
My gpa put me on the president's list if that means anything.
I was also nominated for some award for a research paper I wrote a month ago that is yet to be judged.
Really good recommendations!
ECs: service learning without borders (going on a trip to nicaragua tomorrow to diagnose and treat disadvantaged women and children under direct doctor supervision), big sister in big brothers big sisters (I met with my little sister weekly), member of Alpha epsilon delta (pre-med club), member in active minds (psych club), member of best buddies</p>

<p>HS Stats:
3.65 weighted gpa (~4.0 9th,10th, and 12th, but I got a 2.6 my junior year- divorce issues)
1980 sats
Science Fair 2nd place hs winner and district honorable mention
national honors society (not technically junior year though I was still a member somehow)
Crew Coxswain for Varsity all 4 years
Spanish Club Vice President
Deca Historian and State Competitor
Amnesty International Member</p>

<p>I'm looking at UVA, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Emory, University of Michigan, Rice, and NYU. What are my chances? Do you think I could apply to even more selective schools?</p>

<p>please reply!! I'd really really appreciate it :)</p>

<p>you have a great chance. but why dont you like JMU? Isnt it a great school?</p>