chances for finacial aid

<p>im a junior at a high school located 10 minutes outside of charlotte,NC. My high school sends almost no students to colleges as good as vanderbilt. Im ranked 3/279, have a 4.00 unweighted gpa, 4.95 gpa hopefully over 5.0 weighted by graduation. Will have ten ap's by graduation. Decent EC's including varsity basketball as well as intense vlounteer work at the local cro and hospital. SAT scores are not so great and is my weakest area. Math: 680, Reading:640, Writing:620. 1320/1940. Will take it again as well as the ACT. What are my chances for financial aid or scholarships for vanderbilt. My family income is below 100k, and there is no possible way i can attend without a decent bit of aid, not including loans. I plan on majoring in Chemical Engineering. Im a white male. Is it possible to attend for about 15000 a year total.</p>

<p>sorry about the mispelling of financial aid.</p>

<p>yea i was wondering about vandys finaid myself...</p>

<p>Vandy isn't real big on merit scholarships, that I am aware of. They do have some but they are the walk on water type. Aside from that they have been very generous to us. Our household income is less than 70k and my daughter (ChemE major coincidentally) has received about 40k each year in need-based grants from the school plus the federal grants and loans. We are probably borrowing 8k a year to get her through. Just one persons perspective. Hope it helps.</p>