Chances for full ride?

Gender/Ethnicity: Female Asian
Grade - 11
GPA (unweighted) - 3.7714
GPA (weighted) - 5.1754
SAT - To be taken in October and January
Extracurricular - student council, french club, golf team, swim manager
Awards - Youth Fellowship Award (summer 2015), Straight A’s (freshman year), Honor Roll (freshman & sophomore year)

I’m looking at colleges like TCNJ, Rutgers New Brunswick, Penn State, etc.
I’m not sure how financial aid and scholarships work, so what are the odds that I could get a full ride somewhere?


Here’s a list of places that give automatic full rides for certain stats:

You’ll need to let us know what income bracket you’re in as well. A wealthy family has a lower chance of getting any need based aid compared to one less wealthy.

Good luck!

I’m a high school senior

-I would write some e-mails to these schools you’re interested in and ask about the financial aid and scholarship options. In addition, try to find some schools that have the major you want.
-In addition, try some SAT Subject Tests because some schools may require you to take specific subject tests for your major

The full ride depends on what school you’re going to and what major you’re in. In addition, try to have something that stands out apart from the other applicants when it’s time to apply.

Hope this helps and good luck!

What state do you live in?
Penn State doesn’t have any full ride.
Are you looking for a full ride because your parents are lower income?

merit scholarship is awarded at TCNJ plus it would seem you have a good chance at being asked to the honors program. More than that is needs based.

I live in New Jersey, and I recieved a 710 on the Math II Subject Test. Thanks!